Privacy Policy


This website is directly administered by musicDNA and not by any third party.

The primary purpose of this site is currently informational, to be a dynamic resource and tool to help inform about key issues that concern musicDNA and its areas of work.

We collect information in two ways:

  • through the web server logs: using only the standard protocols of the Web, this provides us with information about the type of web browser you are using and basic information about your internet service provider and internet connection. No personally-identifiable information is collected using this routine and widespread method. This information is used to identify patterns of use of this site (frequency of visits to different pages) as well as the "user agents" used (type of web browser, search spiders, etc.), in order to make modifications, if necessary, to the site design and architecture;

  • we collect information when you voluntarily submit it to us. Throughout the site, we provide the opportunity to contact us via e-mail. This opportunity can only be activated if the machine from which you are browsing has a properly configured electronic mail client. It is not possible that information about you or any information on your computer could be sent to us without your express action and consent. We do keep a mailing list of people who have contacted us via electronic mail, which may be used very occasionally to inform you about major developments on this site and in the company. A simple request to be removed from the mailing list will be honoured and confirmed without delay. All personal information that you provide to us will be managed, used and kept secure in accordance with internationally recognized Data Protection principles.

  • Additionally, in future releases of the musicGPS app for the iPhone / iPod Touch, we plan to enable web viewing and sharing of timelines, and to open up the possibility of making connections within the musicDNA framework. For these and any closely-related purposes any explicitly personal data collected on this website or from the account-holder's mobile device at any time will *not* be used except with the express permission of the user / account-holder (e.g. for sharing with friends); for these same purposes any anonymous data collected on this website or from the account-holder's mobile device at any time (e.g. which songs are listened to when and where) may be used.

Please note that your musicDNA username may be visible to other musicDNA users and visitors (e.g. when you sign up and when you edit information in the musicDNA index).