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Work with us: we're looking for people like us, people who want to get as deeply involved as we are...

We currently have a number of unique opportunities to join a well-placed start-up and it is intended that the right people would be given a minor shareholding in the company. If you feel you have mastered, or are in a position to master the relevant skills below and have the energy, commitment, and honesty necessary to succeed, then we would be interested in hearing from you – please contact us.

Specifically we need developers with the following skills:

  • iPhone - for developing the musicGPS app
    We're seeking an experienced iPhone app developer to work on musicGPS 3.0 and its integration with the musicDNA index. You will be familiar with Objective-C and the iPhone tool chain, Core Data, Core Graphics, ASIHTTPRequest, and be thoroughly aware of resource restrictions of the iPhone family. You will be adept at implementing services using Python, REST, Werkzeug, SQLAlchemy, and eat PostgreSQL for breakfast. You also need to know about .NET.

  • Android - for porting musicGPS to the Android platform
    We're looking to port our popular iPhone app to the Android OS. You will have an understanding of Objective-C and the ability to rewrite that code in Java. You will be familiar with SQLite, McObject's Perst or similar, and various tools to allow connecting to REST web services. You also need to know about .NET.

  • Windows Phone - for porting musicGPS to this platform
    We're also looking to port our popular iPhone app to Microsoft's mobile OS. You will have an understanding of Silverlight or the XNA framework, Objective-C and the ability to rewrite that code in C# or VB, and databases suitable for that platform, as well as various tools to allow connecting to REST web services. Of course, you also need to know about .NET.

  • Topic Maps / .NET – for developing user interfaces and APIs to the musicDNA index
    We need developers to join the team working on the musicDNA index, specifically to work on integration with existing datasources, user input from various devices, VB.NET and/or C#, and innovative knowledge display solutions. You will be totally at home with the .NET framework, and be up to speed with the Topic Maps (ISO 13250) data model and have worked with Topic Maps engines, ideally SQL-based. You will have a superb eye for detail and an intuitive grasp of the big picture – ontologies and other semantic networks light your fire.

Contribute your knowledge: musicDNA is built up from facts people know about music and musicians...

As soon as the beta version of the musicDNA index is released, signed-up users will be the first to be offered a chance to contribute their musical knowledge to it. To be in the right place at the right time, sign up now for free. And if you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, make sure you keep your listening history up-to-date using our free iPhone app musicGPS and synchronizing it with your musicDNA account.

Support the project: the more development time we can afford, the sooner the next release date...

Currently the best way of supporting the development of the musicDNA index and related technologies is simply to donate whatever you can to the project via PayPal. We promise to honour your commitment by allocating resources as wisely as we can.

Invest in us: we are currently open to serious offers of investment and business development...

musicDNA Ltd is a UK-registered company and as our horizons expand we are looking for partners with significant funds and business expertise – please contact us.